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Cellular Signaling as a Type 2 Diabetes Controller

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The Center for Disease Control recently reported in 2010 that about 26 million Americans have diabetes. Unfortunately the number of people developing Type 2 Diabetes continues to rise. While there are many drugs available to help diabetics, most do little to nothing at helping the body at a cellular level. In addition, drugs are costly and have negative side effects that end up causing more damage.

The body’s health depends on how well cells can communicate with each other. This is done through a process called cellular signaling. Cellular signaling is involved in virtually every function of the body including burning fat, healing, and regeneration of cells. MediPure Products has designed a special program that helps the body control Type 2 Diabetes through supporting cellular signaling to help you lose weight and heal damage. The program includes M.P.H. For LifeAquaLift ™ and T.M. Essentials.

M.P.H. For Life includes a weight loss supplement and audio coaching program to help you manage your weight and improve other areas of heath. It is used along with T.M. Essentials and AquaLift which provide important nutrients and trace minerals that your body uses to help repair damage. Once you have finished using M.P.H. For Life, continue using T.M. Essentials and AquaLift to maintain improved health.

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